The technological evolution of BIG II TOUCH


BIG 3 TOUCH, the technological evolution of BIG II TOUCH, is the ideal product for all shops where functionality and ease of use are a must, that however want a performing and aesthetically exclusive solution. BIG 3 TOUCH will allow you to increase the number of PLUs, all accessible via keyboard. Just have a look at BIG 3 TOUCH and you will understand how revolutionary it is in its look and performance, and that all its features are meant to meet the shop’s requirements.


  • Monitor 7″ with LED technology
  • Embedded operator and customer LCD backlit displays, with 2 lines x 20 characters
  • Embedded 58mm printer with easy paper loading
  • 5 working pages with PLUs and pre-programmable items
  • Preview of the receipt or journal
  • View of sales statistical charts per category and time slots
  • Report and data sending via e-mail
  • Approved for invoice printing on fiscal receipt
  • Approved for negative receipts (change practice)
  • Connectable to PC
  • Games and utilities available
  • Internal SQL Database
  • Electronic Journal on SD card
  • Customizable receipt graphics
  • Windows, OPOS, JavaPOS, drivers
  • Fitted for EFT/POS connection for electronic payments (eg. credit cards)


Full Details of the BIG 3 TOUCH (654 KB)