BIG II’s technological evolution


BIG 3, BIG II’s technological evolution, from which it has inherited all its functional features, introduces Custom new technology for the future payment telematic transmission, becoming law in Italy starting from 1/1/2017. Big 3 represents the ideal product for all the stores asking for functionality and ease of use, looking for high performances and exclusive design.

BIG 3 offers Ethernet connectivity and automatic e-mail sending to forward fiscal data reports about sales and statistics, or for our on line technical assistance. The internal advanced SQL database allow you to quickly access 50,000 PLU with barcodes.


  • Unique and elegant design
  • Online (Ethernet) cash register
  • 42 keys alphanumeric embedded keyboard
  • Embedded operator and customer LCD backlit displays, with 2 lines x 20 characters
  • Embedded 58mm printer with easy paper loading
  • Sixload paper roll easy replacement system
  • Fidelity Service on line
  • Automatic e-mail sending
  • Approved for invoice printing on fiscal receipt
  • Approved for negative receipt (change practice)
  • Connectable to PC
  • Internal SQL Database
  • Electronic journal on SD Card
  • Customizable receipt graphics
  • Fiscal, financial, statistical and historical reports
  • 400MHz ARM FAMILY new processor
  • Fitted for EFT/POS connection for electronic payments (eg. credit cards)
  • Driver Windows, OPOS, JavaPOS e
  • One dedicated drawer port (6 Volts)

Full Details of the BIG 3 (820 KB)