iMin D4 – Desktop POS Terminal

A cost-effective desktop POS




  • Display options are available such as 10.1″, 10.1″+10.1″,15.6″+10.1, and 15.6″+15.6
  • Integrated 80mm Seiko core printer, compatible with 80mm and 58mm receipt paper with a 250mm printing speed
  • Sleek yet heavy-duty 8mm die-cast aluminum bracket and durable design
  • Innovative features such as a Type-A *5 audio jack with RJ12, RJ45, and RJ11 compatibility and a built-in TF card. Suitable for face recognition software with its 1D/2D/3D camera for payment and other function

Dual Screen Interaction

A more intelligent dual-screen interaction can be achieved with a single system for the same application to be displayed on both screens, and all interactions can be easily implemented.
Sophisticated Appearance

It combines color, texture, fine detail and simple lines to provide a pleasure visual effects.
Professional Receipt Printing

Built-in 80mm Precision High Speed Printer with a unique design of 80mm and 58mm printer paper for up to 250mm/s printing speed.

Download iMin D4 Desktop POS Terminal Brochure (403 KB)