NQ800-II Tough Tab

8 inch Windows 10 tough tablet

The NQ800-II Tough Tab from Newland is the perfect choice for running warehouse and stock applications in tough, busy environments. A built-in 2D barcode reader makes for quick and accurate scanning of all codes, and the full colour 8″ touch screen allows for easy manual data entry. The rotating rear-hand strap allows users to operate the device comfortably without needing to constantly grip the device; perfect for long shifts or intensive scanning.

The NQ800-II also boasts impressive network features, with dual band Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity allowing total freedom of movement.

Reasons to buy:

  • An 8 inch Windows 10 tough tablet.
  • Has built in 2D barcode reader to run warehouse and stock applications.
  • Rear hand strap rotates to give a comfortable grip to eliminate user fatigue.
  • IP67 fully waterproof and a 1.2m drop spec allows real go anywhere.
  • Dual band WiFi plus 3G connectivity allows freedom of movement.


Complete connectivity

The NQ800-II Tough Tab is designed to stay connected wherever it goes, giving operators complete freedom throughout their working day. Dual band Wi-Fi allows for a fast connection to any network, and 3G network coverage allows data to be relayed while out in the field or out of Wi-fi range.

Waterproof and drop resistant

The NQ800-II Tough Tab has been specially designed to withstand tough working conditions. An IP67 seal rating means it’s completely protected from water, dust and dirt and accidental drops of up to 1.2 meters won’t cause any damage to the device whatsoever.

Rotating strap for ultimate comfort

When it comes to high intensity scanning, operator fatigue can set in and really start to limit productivity. That’s why the NQ800-II Tough Tab comes with a rotating grip that makes the device easy to hold in one hand over extended periods.

Powerful 2D scan engine

The NQ800-II Tough Tab allows for fast and accurate scanning of all 1D and 2D codes. It’s the perfect choice for long, scan intensive shifts where barcodes, QR codes and more need to be scanned ad hoc. What’s more, the 8″ colour screen is able to display large amounts of scanned data effectively and clearly.


Download NQ800-II Tough Tab Datasheet (481 KB)