Unitech SRD650

Unitech’s all-in-one solution

Today’s handheld customer requires solutions that provide high quality products along with easy and quick software. Unitech understands the market needs and proudly introduces the Solution Ready Design SRD650. The SRD650 is not just a new handheld terminal, but it is a member of the Solution Ready Design series. It offers a solution to many different users in the channel, which is easy and quick to integrate.

Solution Ready Design

Designed for any business environments, the SRD650 gives you the flexibility and control needed to increase productivity and efficiency in all of your data collection. This SRD650 Solution Ready Design just has what it takes to keep you small or large business running smoothly.

Start working immediately

As with most handheld terminals you will probably want to install some additional applications, adjust some modifications or create your own application without high development costs. Fortunately the SRD650 has multiple methods of accomplishing this. The SRD650 package contains a new generation high performance Unitech terminal and comes with a software solution, in such a way that the user does not have to worry about anything. In an instant you can easily and fast create your own application with the Kalipso Basic application generator or use one of the pre-made apps and start working right out-of-the-box. With the Unitech SRD650 you can start working immediately!

The ultimate user-friendly experience for your business

The Unitech SRD650 includes a highly reliable, ergonomic and lightweight handheld terminal which provides superior performance for one-hand operation. The SRD650 terminal is equipped with a 1D laser, built-in 2.4 colour QVGA touch screen and a centred larger scanning key which delivers a new level of easy operation. It also offers Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and wireless LAN 802.11 b/g radios for real-time data collection.

The SRD650 is a solution including access to pre-made applications, as well as a state of the art development tool embedded. In this way Unitech offers a solution ready design to answer current market needs.

  • Laser, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as standard
  • Free Software for like Stock Taking, Asset Tracking and many more
  • Customise applications easily
  • Build your own applications with Kaipso

Full Details of the Unitech SRD650 (3.0 MB)

Partcode Description
SRD650-BC50UADG SRD650 Standard, CE5, 1D Laser, BT, Kalipso Basic
SRD650-BC60UADG SRD650 Standard, CE5, 1D Laser, BT, 802.11 b/g CCX4, Kalipso Basic