Epson TM-T88V

Thermal Receipt Printer

The TM-T88V works on several platforms, so it’s simple to integrate into your network and it also comes with in-built USB IF which means easy migration to USB in the future.

This is a highly reliable and easy-to-use POS printer, but with the interest of the customer being paramount, we have included a 4-year warranty as standard.

This product meets the strict ENERGY STAR guidelines set by the European Commission. Epson is a global manufacturer committed to protecting the environment for future generations by offering a range of ENERGY STAR products. This is achieved by significantly reducing electricity usage, which saves energy, money and the environment, without compromising quality.

  • 300mm/s print speed
  • 80mm or 58mm paper width
  • Front, rear or side fitting cable management
  • 4 year warranty
  • Interchangeable data interfaces
Partcode Description
TM-T88V-U-P-B TM-T88V USB and Parallel Interface Black
TM-T88V-U-P-W TM-T88V USB and Parallel Interface Cool White
TM-T88V-U-S-B TM-T88V USB and Serial Interface Black
TM-T88V-U-S-W TM-T88V USB and Serial Interface Cool White
Partcode Description
PS-180 PSU for Epson Range, Universal, Black, excludes A/C Cable