Epson TM-T90

2 Colour Thermal Receipt Printer

This thermal printer gives you the opportunity to create a truly unique receipt or coupon. Capable of both high speed mono printing, colour text and high resolution graphics, the TM-T90 is one of the most versatile printers available today. The printers advanced features enable you to experiment with digital logos and complex colour graphics including two-dimensional barcodes.

The high-performance TM-T90 helps to minimise queues in fast-moving retail environments by keeping transaction times to a minimum. This is due to a phenomenal printing rate of 170mm/sec for mono text and graphics, together with the capability to accept large diameter paper rolls, and reduce print margins, thereby minimising the number of paper roll changes required. Features such as drop-in paper load and selectable auto-cutter also make the printer easy for your checkout staff to use, enabling them to concentrate wholly on serving the customer.

The printers environmentally hardened casing is designed to prevent the ingress of food and liquids, while the excellent cable management system prevents accidental disconnection when in use. The TM-T90 benefits from Windows drivers and a wide range of interface options, including a high-speed serial interface as well as USB and Ethernet connectivity, which enable remote connection to terminals elsewhere in the restaurant or store if required. The printers space-saving and stylish design complements any retail or hospitality environment, and it can also be wall-mounted.

  • 2 colour printing (mono plus red OR blue)
  • 170mm/s print speed
  • Drop in paper loading and secure cable management
  • 32mm to 72mm print width
Partcode Description
TM-T90-P-G TM-T90 Parallel Interface Dark Grey
TM-T90-P-W TM-T90 Parallel Interface Cool White
TM-T90-S-G TM-T90 Serial Interface Dark Grey
TM-T90-S-W TM-T90 Serial Interface Cool White
Partcode Description
PS-180 PSU for Epson Range, Universal, Black, excludes A/C Cable