Toshiba B-EP4DL

Portable Printer

Ideal for retail and warehousing/field service applications

The EP range of portable printers link seamlessly with handheld devices to provide a robust yet lightwieght portable printing solution. Drop in media loading and flexible connectivity options ensure the EP range is the answer to retail, warehousing/logistics, field service, healthcare and public service printing applications.

  • 102mm print width
  • 203dpi
  • 4.2 inches per second print speed
  • Serial and IrDA interface, with optional Bluetooth or WLAN
  • 1.5 meter drop specification and IP54 rated

B-EP4DL Product Detals (1.4 MB)
B-EP Series Healthcare Case Study (1.1 MB)

Partcode Description
B-EP4DL-GH20-QM-R 4inch Mobile Printer, 202dpi, Serial, USB, IrDA, 7MB Flash, 16MB SRAM
B-EP4DL-GH30-QM-R 4inch Mobile Printer, 202dpi, Bluetooth, 7MB Flash, 16MB SRAM
B-EP4DL-GH40-QM-R 4inch Mobile Printer, 202dpi,Wifi , 7MB Flash, 16MB SRAM
Partcode Description
600-0199R 3 Pin Kettle Lead for KIT-A10-ACA
600-0288R 3 Pin Power Cable for AC/Single Bay Charger
B-EP700-BLTH-QM-R Bluetooth I/F
B-EP700-WLAN-QM-R Wireless LAN I/F
B-EP800-AC-QM-R AC Adapter (220V) Order power cable separate
B-EP800-CHG-QM-R 1 slot battery charger (inc AC Adaptor)
B-EP800-CHG6-QM-R 6 slot battery charger (inc AC Adaptor)
B-EP800-DC48-QM-R DC-Adaper (12-48 V)
B-EP804-BT-QM-R Battery for B-EP4DL
B-EP900-QR-UK Quick Release Belt Clip
B-EP900-SS-QM-R Shoulder strap for printer
B-EP900-SS-UK Shoulder strap for carry case
B-EP904-CC-UK Carry case for B-EP4DL
B-EP904-LL-QM-R Linerless label Kit for B-EP4DL
CBL-SP2D-C-DB9-UK-R Serial cable (9 pin to 8 pin Din)
Partcode Description
LAB-6302LTC 200 x (100mm x 100mm) Plain White Labels
LAB-6303LTC 400 x (100mm x 50mm) Plain White Labels
RL-10048TH 100mm x 48mm Continuous Receipt
RL-8078MS 80 x 78 Receipt Roll with Adhesive Strip