Zebex Z-3101

Magic L Laser Barcode Scanner

Ideally suited to back office, light retail and convenience store applications

The Zebex Z-3101 single line laser scanner boasts a 32 bit inbuilt barcode decoder ensuring faster throughput of scanned barcodes. The unique design of the Z-3101 not only offers triggered scanning by the way of pressing a top featured button and also has a drop specification of 1.5M making this unit ideal for light retail and any back office applications.

  • 1D laser scanner
  • Keyboard Wedge, USB and RS232
  • 40 scans per second
  • Black or Grey
  • Designed to withstand 1.5m drops
  • Optional hands free stand
  • 2 year warranty

Full Details of Z-3101 (407 KB)

Partcode Description
Z-3101 K Handheld Laser Scanner, White, KBW
Z-3101 K Black Handheld Laser Scanner, Black, KBW
Z-3101 R Handheld Laser Scanner, White, RS232
Z-3101 R Black Handheld Laser Scanner, Black, RS232
Z-3101 U Handheld Laser Scanner, White, USB
Z-3101 U Black Handheld Laser Scanner, Black, USB
Partcode Description
11S-50000-018+ 11S-500000-008 UK Power Supply, 100-240v 5vdc 1A, 3pin
883-00HL00-0001 Small Holder Black
883-00ST00-000 Adjustable Stand White
883-00ST00-001 Adjustable Stand, Black