Zebra ZQ110 Mobile Receipt Printer

Zebra ZQ110 Lightweight Mobile Receipt Printer

Zebra�s smallest and most affordable mobile receipt printer, the ZQ110 is compact and lightweight enough to fit in a pocket or wear comfortably on a belt for an entire shift. Quickly print and tear 50mmwide receipts, tickets and delivery notices on site, saving time and money � all while improving customer service.

The ZQ110 provides seamless integration into existing mobile solutions. It is �Made for iPod�/ iPhone�/iPad�� (MFi) certified and supports Bluetooth� or wireless (802.11b/g/n WLAN) connectivity to a wide range of Apple�, Android� and Windows� mobile devices.

Key Features

  • Direct thermal printing of barcodes, text and graphics
  • Bluetooth
  • Optical out of media sensing using fixed Centre position sensor
  • ESC/POS programming language
  • Supports vertical and horizontal printing
  • Six LEDs as user Interface indicators
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader (Optional)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g (Optional)
  • 256 KB Flash supports downloadable programmes, receipt formats, fonts and graphics; 128 KB Receive Buffer

Full details of ZQ110 (165 KB)