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The latest EPOS and auto-ID technology solutions are closer than you think. Resay Technologies brings the best of them right here to help you embrace retail store automation, smart inventory management and more. We source hardware and software designed to optimize your business processes at all levels, from procurement to checkout.

We are certified to carry solutions and devices from Honeywell, Unitech, Datalogic, Toshiba, Epson, Star, Zebra, Elo and other brands. As a B2B distributor, Resay Technologies establishes a direct supply point between your business and these manufacturers.

If your business is ready for innovative EPOS and store management systems, choose the ones that meet your commercial needs. Our catalogue is extensive enough to include well-suited barcode scanners, printers, terminals, digital signage solutions and software for all companies out there. It’s time to run your business smarter and more cost-effectively!

From Store Management Systems to Auto-ID Solutions for Manufacturers

Resay Technologies is committed to driving change in your business processes. We do this by supplying systems and software for a variety of commercial and industrial environments, including:

Retail and convenience stores. From leading EPOS systems to devices that connect your shop equipment and machines, find hardware and software that will greatly benefit your operations. They can help you speed up the checkout process, quickly adapt to any change and take your customer experience to the next level.

Restaurants and fast-food outlets. Get everything you need to take, modify in real time and ring up orders faster. Besides, we have many handhelds and software solutions designed for automated preventative measures and data capture within your facility and beyond.

Field service companies. Whether you offer chauffeur services or on-site HVAC repairs, you can improve all your customer interactions with portable terminals and other devices. They are easy to use, so your employees won’t need to complete time-consuming training.

Logistics businesses. Resay Technologies can provide you with scanners, printers and delivery tracking solutions to facilitate your supply chain management operations. By having real-time updates, you can better plan and execute logistics processes.

Manufacturers. Auto-ID technology can transform everything you do on the shop floor and the top floor. Improve the productivity of your workers, manage raw materials inventory and streamline your warehousing and distribution operations.

Taking Care of your Store Automation and Auto-ID Systems

With Resay Technologies, you can always count on complete support for hardware configuration and software integration. We will help you set up your auto-ID system so that it runs smoothly along with your other systems. And if you have difficulty aligning a new retail software solution with your processes, our specialists will provide you with proper guidance, too.

For companies operating in the UK and Ireland, Resay Technologies offers on-site warranties that include equipment maintenance and repairs. Our engineers can come to your facility and fix your auto-ID system according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

If you’d like to refine your business operations, request more details on the sought-after auto-ID system or retail store software online.