PosLab Technology


Poslab Technology are widely regarded as a leading Point of Sale manufacturer with an ever expanding presence in the POS marketplace. Poslab offer not only traditional Windows and Windows Embedded POS options, but also the X-86 and ARM hardware solution with Android and WinCE(TM) software platforms. Certain models also offer traditional LINUX compatibility.

Striving to lead in product innovation, 2009 saw the launch of the Wavepos50 and Wavepos80 series which received high praise. This was followed in 2011 with the release of the first ANDROID POS solution in the world.

Poslab services the demands of the current market place by offering unique product styling, high performance, increased reliability and affordable pricing. The DesirePOS, Dynamic POS, ECO POS are the new models taking Poslab into the next generation of POS applications, whilst the tried and tested PosLab product range service the established user.

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