Honeywell Pistol Grip for EDA61K Scan Handle, Dockable

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Product Code: EDA61K-SH-DC

Optimize your mobile computing experience with the Honeywell EDA61K Scan Handle. This ergonomic accessory is specially designed for use with the Honeywell EDA61K mobile computer, providing a seamless and efficient scanning solution. With easy integration, enhanced maneuverability, and rapid barcode scanning capabilities, the EDA61K Scan Handle transforms your mobile device into a powerful data capture tool. Improve productivity and streamline workflows with this reliable and user-friendly addition to your Honeywell mobile computing solution.

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Honeywell Pistol Grip for EDA61K (Part Code: EDA61K-SH-DC)

Product Code: EDA61K-SH-DC

EDA61K scan handle, dockable with EDA61K homebase.


Product type: Handle
Product colour: Black
Brand compatibility: Honeywell
Compatibility: EDA61K

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