ParterTech CD-7220

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Telescope Customer Display Pole






Ideally suited to retail and hospitality applications

The CD-7220 is a top-quality customer display in telescope style. The 2 lines 20 characters vacuum fluorescent display ensures pin-sharp character definition. The display retains its optimum legibility even in brightly lit environments. The display can also optionally draw power from a host system, making it independent of a separate power supply unit. The CD-7220 is adjustable in height and can be matched to the requirements of any working environment. This model is available in black and light grey.

  • 2 line dispaly with 20 character display
  • Adjustable height
  • RS232 or USB
  • 270 degree rotation option
  • OPOS driver
  • 1 year warranty

Full Details of CDU-7220 (770 KB)

Partcode Description
CD-7220-R-B Customer Display Pole, RS232, 12v PSU, Black
CD-7220-R-W Customer Display Pole, RS232, 12v PSU, White
CD-7220-U-B Customer Display Pole, USB, 5v NO PSU, Black
CD-7220-U-W Customer Display Pole, USB, 5v NO PSU, White

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