Toshiba TCx 700

TCx 700

Advanced technology handles store operations faster than ever

The award-winning, energy-efficient TCx 700 is Toshiba’s most powerful point-of-sale system, delivering maximum performance, serviceability, energy efficiency and adaptability to drive today’s smarter store solutions. When combined with industry-leading Toshiba software, system and data integration and management, for example, the latest TCx 700 models take Toshiba Smarter Store Solutions to new levels of power in transforming the point of sale to a cross-channel point of service.


  • Say goodbye to technology constraints, advanced technology handles store operations faster than ever
  • Looks as good at it works with mix and match color options
  • Smart new features-select only the options that meet your needs
  • A workhorse POS with industry-leading reliability and performance to get the most of your investment

The Toshiba TCx 700 Series point-of-sale (POS) system takes performance, efficiency and user interface to a new level. The system features advanced technology; increased efficiency and reliability; and a modular, updated design. The TCx 700 also delivers up to 30 percent more performance with faster processing and more storage options to drive the most demanding applications.

High-speed networking enables consumers and employees to quickly access cross-channel offerings. Connections for up to three video displays with superior graphics help deliver an engaging, interactive customer experience. The TCx 700 Series continues to be the premier POS system for the modern retail environment. It helps retailers deliver deeper brand relationships and an enhanced shopper experience.

Toshiba’s Together Commerce™ Experience solutions family continues to grow with the newly designed TCx 700 Series (formerly known as the SurePOS 700). We tasked our expert retail design and engineering teams to develop, advance and build upon our core, and industry-leading, SurePOS 700 product, and take it to the next level. The result. An amazingly innovative and powerful point-of-sale solution ready for next generation commerce. The flagship 700 system that retailers have come to depend upon, has been reimagined with modern design and new technology, while still keeping its legendary reliability intact.

Under the hood, the Toshiba TCx 700 has all the muscle you need for today’s applications. Plus, it’s built ‘future ready’ so your enterprise can adapt, extend and grow, securely and without disruption. The modular, convertible design and standards-based platform make the TCx 700 flexible yet easily upgradeable. Toshiba’s retail hardened construction assures a service life of 7+ years delivering high uptime and long-term reliability, even under harsh conditions.

Innovative, retail-optimized technology makes the TCx 700 more valuable to retailers than ever before. With next generation Intel Core i3 processing as an option, limited configurations with Intel Core i5 coming in 2016, scalable memory choices up to 32 GB, and hard disk or solid state drives options, the TCx 700 packs up to 30 percent more performance power, faster processing and extra storage capacity to drive the most demanding consumer service and enterprise applications. High-speed networking enables shoppers and employees to rapidly access cross-channel offerings. Support for dual video displays with superior graphics helps deliver an engaging, interactive customer experience.

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