Unitech Europe introduces the MS338 handheld 2D scanner at real competitive price with USB-cable, hand-free stand and 5-year warranty included.

Designed to meet nowadays requirements within the growing, competitive 2D imager market, we are pleased to introduce our affordable MS338 handheld scanner. The new MS338 2D imager scanners is part of Unitechs new generation of advanced and competitive barcode readers. This scanner offer several outstanding industrial standards features to increase accuracy, productivity and user-friendly operation; however, remaining at competitive price.

The affordable Unitech MS338 is designed to meet your barcode scanning needs. Supporting all common 1D and 2D barcodes, this scanner is able to read poorly printed barcodes and reads digital mobile barcodes (including QR codes) from various types of displays to enhance service levels.

This ergonomic design makes the MS338 fit comfortably in any hand, reducing fatigue during long-time scanning tasks. Accidents happen in every business setting, and the MS338 is ruggedly designed to perform under adverse conditions. The 1.6 m drop specification onto concrete limits downtime and cost of ownership. The MS338 also features IP42 rating, safeguarding it from moisture and dust, and is capable of operating in diverse applications.

Its time to enjoy the great 2D scanning performance of the MS338 imager at a great competitive price! It becomes even more competitive as it comes standard with USB-cable, hands-free stand and 5 years of warranty on your scanner.

  • 2D & 1D Barcode Scanner
  • Complete Kit with Hands Free Stand
  • 1.6M Drop Specification to Concrete and IP42 Rating
  • 5 Year Warranty

Full Details on the Unitech MS338 2D Scanner (361 KB)

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