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For those businesses involved with Pre-packed direct for sale (PPDS) food items, Natasha’s law is only a few months away.

In simple terms from 1st October 2021, the new legislation specifies that you must include name of the food, a full list of ingredients and the allergens emphasised, which could be bold, italics or a different colour.

If you don’t currently have a labelling solution or use a manual process to label your products, it may seem daunting and potentially costly having to comply with these new legal requirements.

But whatever your size of business, there is a low-cost off-the-shelf solution that is easy to implement and simple for staff to use.


Small, compact and robust desktop printers combined with Allergen Manager Software, will analyse your ingredient list, seek key allergen words and place formatting around these allergens so that they are printed to meet the legal specification.

Food rotation /allergen manager software:

Complete traceability and stock rotation of all items within your kitchen, including the ability to analyse your ingredient list, seek key allergen words and place formatting around the key allergen words so that they are printed out in a format compliant with Natasha’s Law. The easy to use and install software is pre-loaded with a list of the current allergens and is user editable so allergens can be added, edited or deleted as required.

Toshiba desktop labelling printer:

Robust and compact label printer, printing food grade, FDA-approved thermal transfer labels that do not melt, change colour, or lose their legibility – even when applied to hot food containers.

Bartender Software:

Sophisticated and user-friendly barcoding software which allows you to create, automate and manage labels and barcodes. Ideally suited for small business operations.

What if you choose to ignore the legislation? Failing to comply could lead to hefty fines or even prosecution. There is also the moral argument: you are disregarding the safety of your customers, the impact of which could be fatal!

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