Toshiba B-EX6

6 Inch Industrial Printer

  Extending the Superb Performance and Value of the B-EX range to Wide Format Printing The B-EX6T1, 6 inch industrial printer series has been designed with the performance and functionality to meet the demands of the wide-web printing marketplace, with features and options to offer the lowest cost of ownership; including an extended long-life print head; Toshiba’s unique ribbon save mode and up to 800 meter ribbon length combined with super high print speeds will improve efficiencies and ultimately reduce costs over the life of the printer.
  • Up to 800 Meter Ribbon, less down time for the end user
  • USB and Ethernet come as standard
  • High speed, high throughput with advanced processing capabilities
  • Rugged, robust and durable, with easy operation
  • Near edge head for improved printhead life and print performance
  • Optional RFID & Cutter

Toshiba Ribbon Save Function

Toshiba B-EX6 is compatible with Toshiba ribbon save function. The ribbon save function conserves the ribbon when it is not required thereby reducing consumable costs.      
Partcode Description
B-EX6T1-GS12-QM-R 6 Inch Near edge Industrial Printer – 200 DPI – LAN & USB
B-EX6T1-TS12-QM-R 6 Inch Near edge Industrial Printer – 300 DPI – LAN & USB
B-EX6T3-GS12-QM-R 6 Inch Industrial Printer – 200 DPI – LAN & USB
B-EX6T3-TS12-QM-R 6 Inch Industrial Printer – 300 DPI – LAN & USB
Partcode Description
B-EX206-QM-R Disc Cutter
B-EX700-CEN-QM-R Centronics I/F Board for B-EX Series
B-EX700-IO-QM-R Expansion IO for B-EX Series
B-EX700-RS-QM-R RS232C I/F Board for B-EX Series
B-EX906-FF-QM-R Fan Fold Guide
B-EX906-H-QM-R Peel Off Module