Toshiba B-EX6T3 6-Inch Industrial Label Printer

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Manufacturer Codes: B-EX6T3-GS12-QM-R, B-EX6T3-TS12-QM-R

6-Inch Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer, Flat Head Ribbon, 15MB SD-RAM, 16MB Flash ROM, 203/305 dpi.

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Toshiba B-EX6T3 6-Inch Industrial Label Printer

Manufacturer Codes: B-EX6T3-GS12-QM-R, B-EX6T3-TS12-QM-R

The Toshiba TEC B-EX6T3 is a 6-inch industrial label printer that has been designed with the performance and functionality to meet the demands of the wide-web printing marketplace, with features and options to offer the lowest cost of ownership. With the B-EX6T3, Toshiba TEC has created a unique product that adds some of the benefits of Near edge technology like a flat paper path which not only accommodates diverse applications but also minimises the risk of jams and interruptions. With the capacity for a 600-metre ribbon length, combined with super high print speeds the B-EX6T3 enhances efficiencies and ultimately reduces costs for businesses over the lifespan of the printer.


  • Industrial Printer Designed for 24/7 printing
  • Print to variable materials without adjusting print head pressure
  • End user changeable print head
  • USB and Ethernet as standard
  • 600m and 800m ribbons available for less downtime
  • Improved LCD front panel menu
  • Dual ribbon motors reduce ribbon snapping and improve print quality
  • Printer emulations supported including ZPL, DPL
  • Label roll de-tension arm
  • Hinged Lid which takes up less space when opened
  • Web Utility – change printer settings over the network using a browser
  • Dual platen rollers reduced print head wear as the rear platen takes the weight of the label roll
  • Can be integrated with Toshiba On-line Validation system – ScanSure
  • Can be integrated with Toshiba Aplex print and apply system
  • Options: Disc Cutter (160mm Max Cut), Rotary Cutter (114mm Max Cut), Peel Off Module, WLAN, Serial Port, Parallel Port, I/O Expansion

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