Toshiba TEC DB-EA4D 2ST Direct Thermal, Double-Sided Label Printer

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Product Code:0TSBC0138201F
  • Reduced costs labels/receipts, storage, shipping
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Environmentally friendly use of backing paper
  • Easy to use and operate
  • High performance
  • Less user intervention so staff can be utilised more efficiently
  • Endless range of possible applications
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Toshiba TEC DB-EA4D 2ST Direct Thermal, Double-Sided Label Printer

Product Code: 0TSBC0138201F

Perfect for boarding pass, rental service and internet shipping label applicaions

The sturdy design and small footprint of the DB-EA4D ensures the printer has the flexibility to operate in any environment or application, from diverse manufacturing requirements to confined retail and logistical operations. The label and backing paper are printed simultaneously, facilitating fast output of 4 inch wide double sided labels and receipts with a print speed up to 6 inches per second.

  • Direct Thermal Printing
  • Tool-less maintenance and easy paper path access
  • Help the environment by printing onto and using the backing paper, not throwing it away
  • Supplied with Bartender software
Partcode Description
TRST-A10-LC1-QM-R Cool Black -single-side (LAN Only)
TRST-A10-SC1-QM-R Cool Black -single-side
TRST-A10-SF1-QM-R Fair White – single-side
Partcode Description
600-0199R 3 Pin Kettle Lead for KIT-A10-ACA
KIT-A10-ACA-QM-R Power (need to order Power Cable)
KIT-A10-I25-UB-QM-R USB Cable (24V Power Only)
KIT-A10-P58-QM-R Receipt fixture for 58 mm width roll
KIT-A10-PIF-QM-R Parallel interface
KIT-A10-Y25-UB-QM-R USB Y Cable (24V Power and Data)

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