Ideally suited to supermarkets, convenience stores and garden centres

The Zebex Z-6082 dual laser Omni-directional laser reader has 32 scan lines with 2,400 scans per second ensuring a fast and accurate through put of barcodes. The Z-6082 is drop tested 1m with is EAS compatible reader making this unit ideal for large convenience stores, supermarkets and petrol stations.

  • Dual Omni-directional laser scanner
  • 2,400 scans per second
  • 32 scan lines
  • EAS compatible
  • Easy on-site configuration and upgradeability
  • Keyboard Wedge, RS232 and USB
  • 2 year warranty

Full Details of Z-6082 (414 KB)

Partcode Description
Z-6082 K Multi-interface Dual Laser Omni-Directional Scanner KBW inc PSU
Z-6082 R Multi-interface Dual Laser Omni-Directional Scanner RS232 inc PSU
Z-6082 U Multi-interface Dual Laser Omni-Directional Scanner USB inc PSU
Partcode Description
11S-50000-018+ 11S-500000-008 UK Power Supply, 100-240v 5vdc 1A, 3pin
171-41K105-200 Keyboard Wedge PS2 for Z-6082
171-41K109-200 Keyboard Wedge PS2 for Z-6182
171-41R425-200 RS232 Cable for Z-6082
171-41R445-200 RS232 Cable Power On Pin 9 Cable for Z-6082
171-41U305-200 USB Cable for Z-6170 & Z-6112

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