Aures TWIST All-In-One POS System

Adaptable, multi-view POS

TWIST is an ultra-compact POS system with straight, geometric lines that can be adapted in a flash to two complementary viewing and working angles, like a smartphone: tilting from its base, it can be used either as a desk version, virtually flat, on the sales counter, or repositioned, thus offering a second configuration, with a screen that is no longer «virtually flat» but more vertically oriented.

TWIST uses the same motherboard as the JAZZ and YUNO II ranges, as well as USB-C technology, allowing a significant reduction in cables.


Aures Twist All-In-One POS System

AURES TWIST is a minimalist design, ultra compact POS terminal where functionality has not been sacrificed for style. A tempered glass touchscreen gives the unit a ruggedness in harsh environments whilst exposing the edge of the glass gives the TWIST a very different look. Its design has all of the features of a standard POS system whilst its small footprint is ideal for when space saving is key!

The superb 13.3″ PCT touch screen has been designed so to support wide viewing angles. This versatility allows you to position it as a desktop style POS or recess seamlessly into a sales counter. The fixed base allows the screen to rotate in one fluid motion, much like a tablet or smartphone. The unique silicon rubber membrane stand and cable cover ensures it is non-slip and also provides easy access to the cable management.

The motherboard of the TWIST – protected by the tough spill proof housing – incorporates the same technology as the AURES JAZZ range and supports a choice of three types of powerful, mobile and fanless embedded processors. There are currently three versions of the AURES processor module which are the J1900, i3 and i5. There will be new versions of the module in the future.


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