Aures JAZZ POS Touchscreen Terminal

Slender style with new technology

The JAZZ system offers an exclusive refined and contemporary slim design with a small footprint that adapts to multiple configurations, in order to meet the various needs of the customer journey.

Available as a classic POS system (on its base) or pole mounted (JAZZPOLE), this versatile hardware solution lends itself to a myriad of platforms, based on the same motherboard (3 different processors are available), thus futureproofing the JAZZ as the technology advances.


Aures Jazz POS Touchscreen Terminal


JAZZ is a POS hardware that offers a sleek and timeless design which is perfectly in tune with the AURES spirit. Available as a classic POS terminal (with a flexible arm), this hardware solution integrates a motherboard which supports 2 types of processors.

Using a clever drop and slide technique, the processor module can be replaced in a matter of seconds without the need for any tools, simply unclip the back cover and slide out the module.

JAZZ incorporates new technology of connectivity using a single USB-C cable, which is more than capable of conducting multiple functions including power, USB and video data.

The attractive “Z” shape cast aluminium and zinc structure gives it strength and resilience and has the added benefit of optimum cooling. With the flexible double hinge design of the arm, the PCT Windows compatible touch screen allows for great ease of height and angle adjustment right through to a completely flat position thus catering for al needs.

The small footprint of JAZZ means that it fits into the smallest of areas on the sales counter and so optimises the tightest of spaces.


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