Elo Backpack Linux Compute Engine


  • Connectivity includes HDMI, USB 3.0, USB-C, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, micro-SD and GPIO
  • Elo’s Linux-based platform offers device drivers, uniform SDKs, and a constantly growing set of tools
  • Compatible with Elo touchscreens from 7 to 65-inches
  • 4GB RAM, 32GB Storage
  • Warant: 2-year
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Elo Backpack Linux Compute Engine

The Elo E143585 Backpack is a powerful, commercial-grade Linux PC complete with a low-power, high-performance Rockchip processor. Purpose-built to fit in compact spaces, the Elo Backpack boasts a small footprint in both size and weight and can secure to any counter or in a kiosk easily with the built-in 75 mm or 100 mm VESA mount.

Designed to simplify scaling Elo’s enterprise Linux platform across sizes and form factors, simply pair the Elo Backpack with any Elo touchscreen from 7-65 inches to create a consistent deployment that is cost effective and optimised for commercial use. With decades of development and customisations made to support global enterprise customers, Elo’s Linux-based platform offers Linux device drivers, uniform SDKs, a constantly growing set of tools and an expansive lineup across sizes and form factors.


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