Urovo FR2000 Desktop RFID Reader

Simplify Desktop Checkout with RFID.


  • Exceptional Performance
  • Anti Cross-Read
  • Versatile Power options
  • Flexible Connectivity Options
  • Full-Frequency UHF Tag Read & Write
  • Dual Reading Feedback Modes


Urovo FR2000 Desktop RFID Reader – Built-in Antenna, IP54, USB powered, BT5.0, Ethernet

Exceptional RFID Performance

Equipped with the cutting-edge Impinj E710 chip and proprietary algorithms, it achieves an exceptional read accuracy of up to 99.9% from all orientations.

Anti Cross-Read

Robust metal casing prevents signal leakage, significantly improving reading accuracy while preventing cross-reads.

Data Transmission & Power Supply

All At The Same Time. Supports USB power supply, with optional PoE supply. Data transmission and power supply can be easily achieved with a USB Type-C cable or RJ45 Ethernet, effectively reducing deployment and maintenance costs.

Real-Time Communication

Standard Type-C USB 2.0 interface, with optional Bluetooth 5.0 and RJ45 Ethernet connectivity. It can seamlessly connect and communicate with devices running different operating systems such as Windows, Android, and iOS.

Full-Frequency UHF Tag Read & Write

Supports multiple operating frequencies and the ISO 18000-6C (EPC C1G2) international protocol, meeting the requirements for full-frequency UHF tag reading and writing.

Dual Reading Feedback Modes

Built-in LED indicator and buzzer provide real-time reading feedback, preventing tags read miss.

Compact and Easy Deployment

Support short RFID read range within 50cm. Widely applied in retail store checkout, digital plate checkout, books management, pharmaceutical management, jewelry management, and more.


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