Multi-factor authentication provides the highest level of security for access to healthcare medication carts, financial records, government networks and more. Biometric authentication using a fingerprint is the simplest, most convenient way to uniquely identify users wherever they go, providing the “something you are” in multi-factor authentication protocols. For the “something you have,” as well as for applications that require only single-factor authentication, enterprises increasingly need to support a variety of user credentials—from 125/132 kHz proximity cards to 13.56 MHz smart cards and the new generation of contactless mobile credentials. WAVE ID Bio Readers support all of these technologies in one sleek, modern device.

  • Crossmatch fingerprint sensor with TouchChip® TCE FIPS201 certified silicon fingerprint module from HID
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy technology for mobile authentication, enabled through the Bluegiga BLE113 Bluetooth Smart Module
  • Dual-frequency card reader with four ID card configurations (two are pre-set and all four are user definable)
  • Auto-tuning 13.56 MHz antenna to optimize performance in various environments
  • User-selectable volume control including a beeper on/off setting


  • Sleek, modern design combines fingerprint, secure badge and mobile credential reader to enable multi-factor authentication in a single device
  • Combo reader with the most configurations and built-in Bluetooth Low Energy, supporting nearly every credential in use worldwide
  • Extra-secure enrollment for multi-factor authentication integrations, including physical cards, mobile tokens and biometric tools
  • Maintains privacy, with no user information stored on the reader
  • Ideal for maintaining regulatory compliance, such HIPAA as and the EPSC mandate requiring multi-factor authentication for the release of controlled substances
  • Easy to clean for hygienic biometric and contactless authentication

Download WAVE ID Bio Datasheet (655 KB)