WAVE ID Playback

WAVE ID Playback


Maximizing the value and cost of an existing badge or control system is easy with the WAVE ID Playback. This multi-application solution interfaces contactless cards to existing applications and systems without the need to change or update these systems.

The Playback readily installs without updates, software changes, pilot testing or training. No stressing over incompatibility issues or need for technical support, enabling users to change the locations being read on the contactless card. Playback can also be configured to read data already on the card and record data using the WAVE ID® Writer.


  • Leverages current NXP MIFARE® badge investments while expanding technologies and applications within a single badge solution
  • Multi-application solution supports any operating system with USB, Windows® 2000/XP, Citrix®, UNIX®, Linux, Vista, thin clients, and more
  • Allows several applications to be stored on a single contactless credential
  • Includes cryptographic data storage, mutual authentication, secure reading/writing of data, and user-defined access keys
  • Playback reads and sends back as keystrokes, sends data as ASCII characters
  • Playback easily outputs data to any device accepting Wiegand data
  • Instantaneously configurable, allowing users to change the location being read on the contactless card


  • No software required
  • USB seamlessly interfaces with any system or existing software
  • Allows several applications to be stored on a single contactless credential
  • Utilizes a plug-and-play USB, RS-232, or Wiegand output
  • HIPAA Compliant, IP67 Compliant
  • User data provides seamless integration used for one- or two-factor log-on

Download WAVE ID Playback Datasheet (531 KB)