CarComm CREC-124 Active Vehicle Cradle Bluebird EF501

Manufacturer Code: 43800124

The main function of the Active Vehicle Cradle is to power and charge your EDA while your on the move, and hold it securely into position under heavy use.


  • High quality cradle connector – For an optimal connection, keeps the connectors from getting damaged.
  • Compatible with 12Volt and 24Volt – Suitable for use in cars and trucks.
  • e4 Certified – Certified to be used in cars and trucks.
  • Suitable for permanent installation


CarComm CREC-124 Active Vehicle Cradle Bluebird EF501

Manufacturer Code: 43800124

Compatible with:

Bluebird EF500
Bluebird EF501

The professional robust car holder

The Carcomm Active Vehicle Cradle is the perfect solution to integrate and use your Handheld Device / Mobile Computer in your vehicle. The unique and patented robust design of the active holder keeps your Handheld Device in place and protects it from being damaged. The perfect holder for the professional user, who want to integrate his HandHeld Device is his car, van, lorry, truck, bus or forklift.

Safe charging

Attached to the cradle is a 100mm cable with 6-Pin Molex Connector. Standard included is a 1,2m power cable with Molex 6-Pin and Cigarette Lighter Plug. An power cable for fixed installation is available as an option. The 3A automotive grade charging circuit, suitable for 12V and 24V, which charges your handheld device, is integrated inside the vehicle cradle. The charger is specially developed for professional daily use where reliability and quality are essential. The charger keeps your device charged and ready for use in- and outside your vehicle.


The cradle is developed to ensure that the handheld device is kept in Tplace but is still easy to remove. This is achieved with special fixtures that keep the handheld device firmly seated on the cradle connector while driving on bumpy roads. This also protects the handheld device connector and cradle connector from being damaged.



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