Code Reader 6000 Industrial-Grade, 1280 x 960, Blue LED

Manufacturer Number: CR6000

Product Features

  • Operates hands-free or handled
  • Integrated metal clip or hook holder for ease of placement and retrieval
  • Small form factor for operator comfort
  • IP54 housing securely protects against dust and debris
  • Reads laser-etched and dot peen marks
  • Compatible with Code’s rapid disconnect USB and RS232 Affinity® cables
  • Manual or automatic triggering
  • Powerful data management capability with JavaScript
  • Patented glare reduction technology for reading barcodes on shiny surfaces
  • Patented dual-field optics, both high density and wide field in the same unit
  • Visual, audible, and haptic indicator customization for workflow needs
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Code Reader 6000 Industrial-Grade, 1280 x 960, Blue LED

Designed with multiple illumination fields, the CR6000 intuitively selects the field that is most efficient at reading each barcode type. This auto-selection results in quick and accurate data collection from barcodes on hard-to-read surfaces, damaged or smudged barcodes, and barcodes partially obscured by debris. With its bulletproof scanning, the CR6000 is ideal for component tracking on assembly lines and other manufacturing applications.

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