Datalogic CODiScan Wearable Scanner


  • Higher ergonomics and flexibility: minimal footprint, only 44 grams in weight, multiple mounting options (hand, neck/belt/pocket)
  • Higher scanning performance and productivity: 1D/2D reading capabilities up to 1.5 m / 4.9 ft, intelligent aiming system, good-read confirmation on label, lateral and rear high-visible LEDs, audio and haptic feedback, 2 working shift operations
  • Easier to use and manage: mobile app for pairing and settings, hand-trigger modularity for easy washing and disposal, expandable 2-slot charger


Datalogic CODiScan Wearable Scanner

Wearable Scanners, Lightweight Size, Heavyweight Performance

Unleash Operational Excellence

CODiScan stands as the ultimate wearable scanner tailored for the Transportation & Logistics, Retail, and Manufacturing industries. This revolutionary Bluetooth® wearable scanner series is crafted to redefine productivity, tipping the scales at just 44 g / 1.5 oz. Its lightweight design facilitates effortless positioning on various bodily locations, including the hand, neck, belt, or pocket. Regardless of its placement, users enjoy unrestricted use of both hands, significantly enhancing productivity when it matters most. Boasting a versatile design that incorporates Datalogic’s renowned Green Spot technology, CODiScan proves to be adaptable, modular, and reliable. This not only leads to a lower total cost of ownership but also ensures an outstanding return on investment. The CODiScan offers real-time connectivity and paves the way to achieving greater operational excellence.

Improve Every Organization

In the dynamic landscape of modern commerce, where success hinges on speed, accuracy, and adaptability, enterprises encounter a myriad of challenges. Wearable scanners have emerged as indispensable tools to address these challenges, revolutionizing tasks across Warehousing, Retail, and Manufacturing. CODiScan, meticulously crafted for diverse applications, facilitates enhanced operations in various sectors. In Transportation & Logistics, it proves ideal for Distribution Centers, Warehouses, e-Commerce, and Intralogistics, optimizing processes such as Packing, Picking, Inbound/Outbound Operations, Put Away, Sorting, and Order Fulfillment. In retail In-Store settings, it streamlines Inventory Management, Assisted Sales, Shelf Replenishment, Stock Management, and Back Office Inventory Management, ensuring seamless retail operations. In the Manufacturing sector, CODiScan excels in Work in Progress (WIP), Traceability, and Quality Control, establishing itself as an invaluable asset in Manufacturing processes.

Achieve Unbeatable Performance

CODiScan unveils the Smart Scanning System, incorporating a smart aiming mechanism that performs perfectly at distances up to 1.5 m / 4.9 ft. Immediate good-read feedback is delivered through audible signals, visual cues, and Datalogic’s Green Spot technology, while three high-visibility LED blades ensure prompt feedback from any angle, up to 180 degrees. The device boasts a 2-shift battery life, capable of conducting up to 12,000 scans on a single charge, virtually eradicating downtime and guaranteeing uninterrupted workflow. Offering multiple and expandable charging options, coupled with a swift 2-hour full charging cycle, CODiScan minimizes device downtime, ensuring these scanners are rarely out of action, and offer the highest in total cost of ownership when combined with Datalogic’s EASEOFCARE program.

Achieve Faster Return on Investment

CODiScan’s core features a multifunctional key, offering unparalleled flexibility. The trigger function enables users to tailor the device for low-intensity operations, facilitating swift disconnection and reconnection to the host. The fully adjustable hand-trigger, with its versatility, diminishes the necessity for multiple models, streamlining asset management and expediting ROI. The trigger system’s separation from the fabric permits easy washing of the glove, extending the accessory’s lifespan and contributing to environmental benefits.

Integration Made Easy

CODiScan tackles the integration complexities of contemporary wearable scanners when connected to mobile backend terminals, computers, and tablets. Datalogic’s bundled Aladdin App streamlines pairing with Android™ devices, ensuring a seamless configuration process. Aladdin also serves as the tool for rapid CODiScan configuration. Simultaneously, Gateway Connect oversees the pairing of up to 7 devices with fixed computers, ensuring stable connectivity. Introducing the next generation of wearable scanners – CODiScan by Datalogic. Unlock unparalleled flexibility, an exceptional user experience, and unbeatable ROI for your workforce. Elevate your operations to unprecedented efficiency with CODiScan, the wearable scanner with a lightweight size but heavyweight performance.


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