Evolis Badgy 200 Card Printer

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The affordable card printing solution

  • Printing: Single-sided
  • Encoding: No encoding option
  • Card lifespan: 1-3 years
  • Number of cards per year: Less than 500
  • Card security level: Standard
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An economical complete solution and easy to use

Badgy200 fulfills all your needs?for graphic personalization?and instant card production,?as single cards or in small?batches.

Badgy200 is ideal for producing?personalized cards:

  • Staff ID badges
  • School ID cards
  • Membership cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Event badges
  • Visitor badges


  • Uses recycled materials?in the?manufacture of its printers and?consumables whenever possible,
  • designs compact and lightweight card printers to?reduce CO2 emissions?from transportation and?packaging,
  • Reduces the power consumption?of its printers through a very?economical hibernation mode.


A solution for instant badge issuance

A complete card printing solution

Badgy provides you with a turnkey solution,?for?PC or Mac, consisting of a plastic card printer, the card?personalization software, and a pack of?consumables (color ribbon and blank plastic?cards) for 100 prints.

Printing on demand

Badgy200 allows you to print your own cards?instantly and completely independently.
Print your badges as you need them ? as?single cards or in?small batches.

Saving time

Badgy200 has an output of?95 color cards?per hour. You can also import data from a?database, adding information to your card?designs in a single click, and launching a?print run of your badges with one command,?including variable data.

User-friendly, space saving and professional

A stronger brand image

The Badgy200 printer edits personalized?plastic cards, with?professional-quality,?edge-to-edge printing, highlighting your?organization?s brand image.

Easy to use

Badgy200 is installed and used like a?standard office printer. You load the cards in?the feeder and retrieve them from the output?hopper, both located at the front of the?printer.
With the Badgy Premium Suite? software,?you can easily control the plastic card printer from your?computer, by receiving notifications.
Badgy print ribbons are easy to install?and automatically recognized.


The Badgy200 printer is smaller than an?A4 sheet of paper, which means it can fit?easily into any workspace. Thanks to its?light weight (just 1.7 kg) and its carrying bag?(sold separately), the Badgy can easily be?transported.

For more information, download the Badgy 200 Card Printer Brochure?.


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