Evolis Tattoo Rewrite Card Printer

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The printer for rewritable cards

  • Printing: Single-sided
  • Encoding: Magnetic stripes, Smart contactless
  • Card lifespan: 1-3 years
  • Number of cards per year: Between 5,000 and 30,000
  • Card security level: Standard
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The best solution for temporary cards and badges

Tattoo RW is an Evolis printer for?single-sided rewritable cards. It effortlessly matches all your?expectations when it comes to?flexibility, affordability, sustainable?development, and?regular data?updates.

Tattoo RW is the ultimate solution?for your?temporary badges and cards?that require regular updates.

With Tattoo RW, your cards are?updated whenever required, while a?same card can be?erased, revised?and printed anew up to 500 times.

It is the ideal solution to revise and?reprint within seconds:

  • visitor?s details?on an access?control badge,
  • transit passes,
  • passes?for ski and holiday?resorts,
  • student IDs,
  • membership cards?with?subscription details,
  • loyalty cards?with the updated?number of points, as well as?applicable special offers.


Reprint and update data


You can deliver a new card anytime?it is required!

The erase/write cycle?is extremely fast and you can?erase,?encode, and reprint new data?in a?matter of seconds.

Data updates

Now with Tattoo RW, data?encoded on magnetic stripes or?on contactless chips can also be?displayed and updated on the card?surface. For example, loyalty points?can be printed on a card and?updated at each checkout.

Save money and protect the environment

A cost-efficient solution

This revolutionary rewritable?technology?requires no ribbon,?which translates into valuable?savings. No need to throw away?your cards each time you need an?update: erase and reprint only?updated data on your existing?card!


Tattoo RW adheres to sustainable?development. It uses?rewritable?cards?and requires no ribbon:

Tattoo RW helps you?reduce your?environmental footprint.

For more information, download the Tattoo Rewrite Card Printer?Brochure.


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