H1000 Heathcare Device

Face recognition terminal with temperature measurement



Infrared temperature measurement without contact

The body temperature can be quickly measured through the infrared ray without contact or removal of the mask during the whole process. Once the temperature exceeds 37.3℃, the device interface and voice broadcast will sound an abnormal alarm.

Face recognition with, high-speed and accuracy

Equipped with a unique face recognition algorithm, the binocular camera can accurately recognize faces in milliseconds with an accuracy rate of ≥ 99%. It supports living body verification, which can prevent photo, video, and model attacks.

“Emergency alert” in case of not wearing a mask

High-accuracy detection of mask wearing; if finding a person not wearing a mask, it will give an alert to the management personnel.

Massive data cloud storage

– Storage of face photos for up to 30k
– Storage of comparison events for up to 150k times
– Supports connection to the cloud storage platform

Dynamic tracking during 24h operation

Automatically recording the visitor data throughout the day, greatly saving manpower. The data can be queried real-timely at the back end, providing data support for managers to track personnel dynamics.

Flexible deployment

Supports 4G, WiFi, network cables, and other networking methods; comes with an optional vertical/wall-mounted/turnstile-type bracket/desktop bracket, and flexible to meet different applications, such as stations, office buildings, parks, factories, and schools.

Supports secondary development

This device supports secondary development and can be seamlessly connected with systems, such as the attendance and access control system, visitor system, government pandemic monitoring platform, and health code big data platform.