Unitech Dura-Reader

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Slot and Magnetic Stripe Reader Series

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Ideally suited to Access Control, Restaurant, Exhibitions and Gym Membership applications

The Unitech Dura-Reader series is a barcode slot reader and triple track magnetic swipe reader. It scans barcodes on printed paper, card or plastic making it an ideal product for access control and retail applications alike. The Dura-Reader is weather proof and has a low operational temperature of -35 degrees.

  • RS232 or Keyboard Wedge interface
  • Weather proof for use indoors or outdoors
  • Reads magnetic stripes and barcodes
  • Available with either visible or infa-red barcode readers
  • 1 year warranty

Full Details of DuraReader (84 KB)

Partcode Description
DuraReader, MSR #1&2, RS232
DRG3227-533C DuraReader, MSR #1&2&3, RS232
DRG3227-600S DuraReader, BSR visible red, RS232
DRG3227-612C DuraReader, BSR visible red & MSR #1&2, RS232
DRG3227-612UC DuraReader, BSR visible red & MSR #1&2, USB
DRG3227-633C DuraReader, BSR visible red & T#1&2&3, RS232
DuraReader, BSR Infrared, RS232
DRG3227-733C DuraReader, Infrared & MSR #1&2&3, RS232
DRG3237-502C DuraReader, MSR #2, K/W
DRG3237-512C DuraReader, MSR #1&2, K/W
DRG3237-533C DuraReader, MSR #1&2&3, K/W
DRG3237-600S DuraReader, BSR visible red, K/W
DRG3237-612C DuraReader, BSR visible red, MSR #1&2, K/W
DRG3237-633C DuraReader, BSR visible red, MSR #1&2&3, K/W
DRG3237-700S DuraReader, BSR infrared, K/W
Partcode Description
1010-900008G Universal Power Supply 5V/500 mA DC

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