As one of our most flexible offerings, the WAVE ID SP Plus card reader is a dual-frequency smart card reader. For single frequency requirements, the WAVE ID SP is available for 13.56 MHz credentials. Both the WAVE ID SP Plus and WAVE ID SP maximize the value of your existing card system—from proximity to contactless smart card—making use of that data for additional security protection for applications such as printers, healthcare devices, process controllers, autonomous robots and more. This slim, dual-frequency card reader is also “future-proofed” with the capability to update SIM technology to read 800, 805 and 80M cards based on your credential needs.

  • USB models connect directly to a USB port and can be configured to send data as keystroking or non-keystroking
  • Compatible with Windows XP®, 7®, 8.1®, 10®; Linux and Mac OS
  • Compatible with a variety of purpose-built devices such as multifunction printers, time clocks, kiosks or protective enclosures
  • Standard four card configurations (two are pre-set; two are user-definable)
  • Ideal for enrollment into third-party software or for single sign-on integrators
  • User-adjustable beeper volume can be set to high, low or off as appropriate for the work environment
  • 13.56 MHz auto-tuning ensures optimal power transfer to avoid interference
  • Supports both LEGIC® advant™ and prime™ smart cards


  • Small, thin form factor enables embedded and integrated applications or OEM installations in recessed compartments or external mounting configurations
  • Streamlines the sign-on process, improving access control, security, and organizational workflow
  • With flash memory and supporting nearly all card types, the programmable reader allows users to quickly configure the readers output to meet their needs
  • Serves government, healthcare, manufacturing, industrial or enterprise needs

Download WAVE ID SP Plus Datasheet (692 KB)