WAVE ID Mobile Reader for HID Mobile Access

WAVE ID Mobile Reader for HID Mobile Access


Today, mobility is critical for busy executives, manufacturing professionals, employees working remotely, students, healthcare workers and government staff alike. The WAVE ID Mobile Reader for HID Mobile Access is a dual-frequency credential reader that reads both proximity cards (125/132 kHz) and contactless smart cards (13.56 MHz), and interacts with Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology-enabled mobile devices. Employing the industry-leading HID Mobile Access credential, it is the ideal technology investment to enable mobile authenticationin an unlimited number of applications—all while supporting existing infrastructures.

  • Built upon the highly secure SEOS® platform,with credentials delivered through a highly reliable, easy-to-use and secure portal as an annual subscription service
  • Dual-frequency card reader and Bluetooth Low Energy module in one device, saving a USB port for other peripherals
  • Instant identification and authentication with mobile smart devices and employee ID credentials
  • Configurable to accommodate multi-card systems
  • Easily integrated into existing authentication systems
  • Reader emulates a keyboard by keystroking badge information into the text field of an application


  • Designed to enable mobility for greater performance, productivity and security across a wide range of industries and organizations
  • Provides a complete logical access solution for today’s mobile-dominated environments
  • Streamlines workflows and prevents identification errors by eliminating manual entry of usernames and passwords
  • Ideal for a range of applications including single sign-on, secure print, compliance reporting, cashless cafeteria, industrial vending, and time and attendance

Download WAVE ID Mobile Reader for HID Mobile Access Datasheet (726 KB)