5 Inch Direct Thermal Paper Labels

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5 Inch Outer Diameter Labels

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Direct Thermal labels are suitable for labeling requirements where the label needs to last for 3 to 6 months when stored out of direct sunlight or heat. Direct Thermal printing uses heat sensitive paper by transferring heat through the Printhead of a direct thermal printer burning an image directly onto the label.

Should you require a size not listed below

Partcode Description
L00262-125 57mm x 32mm DT,LPR=2100,5″OD/1″ inner,12RPB,Perm
L00262-205 57mm x 51mm DT,LPR=1370,5″OD/1″ inner,12RPB,Perm
L00262-405 57mm x 102mm DT,LPR=700,5″OD/1″ inner,12RPB,Perm
L00263-205 76mm x 51mm DT,LPR=1370,5″OD/1″ inner,12RPB,Perm
L00264-155 102mm x 38mm DT,LPR=1790,5″OD/1″ inner,12RPB, Perm
L00264-305 102mm x 76mm DT,LPR=930,5″OD/1″ inner,12RPB,Perm
L00264-405 102mm x 102mm TT,LPR=700,5″OD/1″ inner,12RPB,Perm
L00264-505 102mm x 127mm DT,LPR=565,5″OD/1″ inner,12RPB,Perm
L00264-605 102mm x 152mm DT,LPR=475,5″D/1″ inner,12RPB,Perm
L80199-025D 51mm x 25mm DT, LPR= 2580,5″ OD/1″ inner, 12RPB, Perm

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