Product Description

It can be used for all kinds of commercial applications such as in retail POS systems, Restaurant system and Industrial control systems.


  • Light weight and portable
  • Beautiful shape
  • Low cost and High-quality thermal printing
  • Cash drawer drive supported
  • Easy paper-roll installation, Easy maintenance and Rational structure
  • Low-power waste, low-run cost (without the ribbons, ink cartridges)
  • Built-in data buffers (be capable of receiving print data while printing)
  • Characters can be amplified,printed in bold optionally,and line spacing printing can be adjusted
  • Support different density bitmap graphics printing
  • Support NV image downloading and printing
  • Support raster bitmap printing
  • High-speed printing using embedded soft font for all interfaces.
  • Compatible with ESC/POS print instruction set, optional columns and font(adjusted by DIP switch)




Printing Method: Printing Method: Thermal line printing
Character size: 512 dots/line
FontA: 12*24dots, 1.5(W)*3.0(H)mm
FontB: 9*17dots, 1.1(W)*2.1(H)mm
Simplified/Traditional: 24*24dots,3.0(W)*3.0(H)mm
Print parameters: support to download the Logo trademark
Printing Chinese charactertraditional(complex font): Chinese: simplified Chinese 24×24 point. support 18030 font library, support Taiwan and HK traditional(complex font)
ANK: ANK characters
Extended character table:  OEM437/Katakana/OEM850/OEM860/OEM863/OEM865/West Europe/Greek/Hebrew/EastEurope/Iran/WPC1252/OEM866/OEM852/OEM858/IranII/Latvian/Arabic/PT1511251/OEM747/WPC1257/Vietnam/OEM864/Hebrew/WPC1255/Thai
Print Speed: 260mm/second
Interface:  Parallel/Serial port/USB port/ Ethernet
Emulation: ESC/POS command
Print width: 79.5±0.5mm( print width 72mm)
Print Diameter: 83mm
Print thickness:  0.06-0.08mm
Power:  DC24V/2.5A
Cutter:  Full or Partial cut
Reliability print: 100km
Weight: 1.60kg
Temperature: Temperature
Contrast humidity: 10-80%
Drivers: Win9X/Win2000//Win2003/Win Vista/ Win 7/Window XP /win 8/linux
Compatible with:  ESPON,SAMSUNG
External Diemension(L*W*H): 190*145*145mm


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