iKey DT-5K-IS

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Stainless Steel Intrinsically Safe Keyboard

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Ideally Suitable for Oil and Gas Companies


  • iKey manufactures devices to reduce risk of failure in your hazardous areas. The intrinsically safe DT-5K-IS keyboard features an integrated HulaPoint pointing device and comes enclosed in non-corrosive stainless steel with optical isolated barriers and bulkhead cables for complete protection. It has a Factory Mutual approval for Class I, II and III, Division I, Groups C, D, E, F and G.<,p>
      Intrinsically Sage Keyboard

    • 10-Key Numeric Pad
    • Integrated HulaPoint Pointing Device
    • PS2 Configuration Available
    • 1 Year Warranty

    Full Details of iKey DT-5k-IS Intrinsically Safe Keyboard (148 KB)

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