In the past, pager solutions were an expensive ‘nice to have’ feature for dining establishments. Nowadays, they are an essential part of operating for many businesses, not least due to the global pandemic.

Here at Resay Technologies we are offering very cost-effective paging solutions to assist you in serving more customers with less disruption to your operations. All the while maintaining social distancing.

Counter service patrons can take a numbered pager and wait outside the establishment. Staff page the customer using an easy to use transmitter at the counter. The customer pager vibrates and flashes to indicate order ready.

Our waiter paging solution enables customers to page waiters from their table. The waiter is alerted on their watch when:

  • Service Requested
  • Bill Requested
  • Call Cancelled

Waiter Call for Service

Service & Bill requests direct to waiter watch

Customer Call Pagers

Avoid queues at collection areas


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