Zebra HC20 Healthcare Mobile Computer with Wi-Fi 6

Manufacturer Code: WLMT0-H20B6BCJ1-A6

HC20; WLAN, WIFI 6, SE4720 barcode scanner, 6 inch display, 6GB/64GB, 16MP rear facing camera, rear alert button, standard HC battery with BLE, NFC, Bluetooth, USB-C, MDNA Professional, GMS, ROW.


  • 6-inch FHD+ Display with Edge-to-Edge technology
  • Support through Android 16
  • Secure text messaging
  • With support for Wi-Fi 6, upgradeable to Wi-Fi 6E with Enterprise license


Zebra HC20 Healthcare Mobile Computer with Wi-Fi 6

Manufacturer Code: WLMT0-H20B6BCJ1-A6

The Zebra HC20 is a mobile computer designed for healthcare professionals to elevate patient care standards and streamline operations. Boasting Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, this mobile computer empowers healthcare workers with an array of essential features to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and the overall quality of patient care. The Zebra HC20 is crafted with healthcare-grade plastics, guaranteeing resilience in demanding clinical environments. Its ergonomic design strikes the perfect balance between functionality and comfort, providing healthcare workers with a pocketable device that’s effortless to carry, use, and disinfect. The removable battery in the HC20 allows for uninterrupted operation throughout the busiest shifts. The dedicated emergency alert button also ensures that healthcare workers can swiftly summon assistance in critical situations, promoting patient safety. With the Zebra HC20, you’re investing in a healthcare mobile computer that’s more than just a device – it’s a reliable partner in delivering exceptional patient care and improving overall healthcare outcomes.


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