APG ECD410 Entry Level Cash Drawer (New Model)

APG ECD410 Entry Level Cash Drawer


The ECD410 model is a hard wearing cash drawer with a high volume insert accepting the majority of European currencies, therefore it is the preferred choice of leading retailers worldwide. A slide out cash drawer with 4N8C insert with adjustable note and coin dividers, an additional lockable lid is optional.


  • Insert (4 note + 8 coin)
  • Lockable lid for insert (optional)
  • Lockable lid fits inside the cash drawer when closed
  • Steel construction
  • Steel ball bearing rollers
  • RJ11/24V with 1.5 RJ12 adaptor cable, Drawer status microswitch
  • Accepts currencies worldwide including Euro, Sterling and many others
  • Multiple storage with dual posting slots
  • Three function lock with random keys
  • Tested to last beyond 500,000 transactions
  • One year warranty – View Warranty Statement
  • Available in Europe only

Download APG ECD410 Entry Level Cash Drawer Brochure (1 MB)