APG Series Micro Cash Drawer

APG Series Micro Cash Drawer



Featuring a robust steel construction and steel ball bearing runners for a prolonged operational life, the hard-wearing MICRO drawer is the preferred choice for leading retailers worldwide. The unique design combines the footprint of a flip lid with all the functions of a front opening slide out cash drawer. It is ideal for any situation where space is limited due to its short opening of 173 mm.

The MICRO insert is compatible with our 460mm wide flip lid drawer models (460MOD) providing a very practical solution for a retailer using both flip lid and slide out drawers within their stores. The removable high-volume insert can accommodate 4 notes and 8 coins, with additional media storage underneath the coin cups. The insert is easy to carry to the back office and store in a safe.


  • Compact design with large coin and note storage
  • RJ11/12 Epson Interface 24V with 3m adaptor cable and drawer status microswitch
  • Three function lock with random type keys
  • Cash drawer carries the CE and WEEE logo
  • Tested beyond one million cycles

Download APG Series Micro Cash Drawer (503 KB)