Cleaning Supplies and Printheads

Card Printer Range

Prolong the life of your Zebra card printer with our range of genuine cleaning products and replacement printheads.

Regular use of cleaning supplies will ensure your card printer is kept clean and will extend the life of critical parts, as well as ensuring better
full colour images.

Partcode Description
104531-001 Cleaning Card (Box of 100)
105909-169 Premier Cleaning Kit (50 Cleaning Cards and 24 Long Stem Cleaning Swabs – for use with P205, P210, P630 & P640)
105912-003 Adhesive Cleaning Roller for P310, P320, P330, P420, P430, P520 & P720 (Pack of 5)
105912-301 Adhesive Cleaning Roller for P100, P110i, P120i, P205 & P210 (Pack of 5)
105912-912 P100i Cleaning Kit (4 Print Engine Cleaning Cards and 4 Feeder Cleaning Cards)
105912-913 P330i/P430i Premier Cleaning Kit (25 Standard Cleaning Cards and 25 Long Cleaning Cards)
105999-301 ZXP Series 3 Cleaning Kit (4 Print Engine Cleaning Cards and 4 Feeder Cleaning Cards)
105999-801 ZXP Series 8 Print Station only cleaning card kit consisting of 12 off X & Y roller cleaning cards (5000 prints/card) & 3 hot roller cleaning cards (20000 prints/card)
800117-002 Cleaning Pens (Box of 12)
Partcode Description
105909-112 Printhead Assembly for P310F, P310C, P310i, P320i , P420C, P420i, P520C, P520i, P720
105912G-346A Printhead Assembly for P330m, P330i, P430i
105936G-003 Printhead Assembly for ZXP Series 8
105940G-231A Printhead Assembly for P100i/P120i
105940G-253A Printhead Assembly for P110m