Unitech MS622

Wired 2D Ring Scanner



Single finger wearable design | Hight scan rate 2D scanner: 60FPS | Lightweight 14g

The MS622 is a single finger wearable scanner, combining lightweight design with superior 2D scanning performance that transforms the way you work and empowers you to verify tasks accuracy with hands-free scanning. It streamlines the workflow for a wide range of applications such as retail, pharmacy, transportation and warehouse.


• Flexibility hands-free scanning experience: single finger wearable design
• Compact and lightweight: weighs 14 g
• Allows right and left hand operation
• Rugged and durable design with IP42 and 1.5m drops
• Plug and play, convenient to use
• Instant decoding feedback: LED, Buzzer indicators.

Single Finger Wearable design

Featuring flexible and lightweight wearable design, the MS622 ring scanner gives users freedom of movement to perform barcode scanning tasks comfortably while keeping both hands free. It’s suitable for left and right hands, which is not only suitable for the operation of right hands, but also meets the handedness requirement on left-handers and fully embodies people orientation.


Superior 2D Scanning Performance

Built in the high-speed decoder paired with an aggressive scanning engine, the MS622 ring scanner delivers great performance up to 60 fps per second as well as capturing high density with a 5 mil resolution and a scanning width up to 146mm. The MS622 increased scan speed and operational effectiveness even while moving and also supports most 1D / 2D barcodes on mobile screens.

Lightweight, Convenient to Use

It is ergonomic and lightweight design, only about 14g that provides users with all-day superior comfort. By wearing the MS622 ring scanner on fingers and combining it with a WD200 wearable mobile computer, warehouse and retail workers are available to keep their hands on the items they are moving, increasing their productivity.


Compatible with Gloves

Featuring sensitive touch-activated trigger Key, the MS622 is compatible with gloves that allows users to wear glove to operate it.



Furthermore, it has an IP42 rating for dust and water resistance as well as a 1.5 meter drop spec that provides superior durability and reliability. Combining high performance and compact design, MS622 gives mobile worker conveniently and safely while on the go.



Download MS622 Brochure (2 MB)