Unitech MS840P

Wireless Barcode Scanner


The MS840P is ideal for various solutions in warehousing, retail, and healthcare, where flexibility, durability, and reliability are essential. With an intuitive wireless design, the MS840P provides users with greater productivity without restrictions, while also supporting high comfort over long periods of use. Its durable functions and convenient wireless design makes the MS840P the ideal scanner for a variety of applications in warehousing, retail and healthcare field.


• High-speed Mantis decoder
• Long life trigger design
• Plug and play
• Lasts up to 80 hours when fully charged
• Buffer mode for out-of-range reading
• Cradle is for charging and data transmission
• Integrated Cradle and USB Dongle set results in more flexible data transmission

Unitech released its NEW MS840P wireless handheld barcode reader which is being recognized as the industry’s best value. The wireless design allows the user freedom to move around without being restricted by wires. While ruggedness of the plastic housing provides peace of mind, many users enjoy the comfortable ergonomics of the Unitech MS840P wireless scanner.

The MS840P also stores data in a buffer mode while it is out of range of the wireless signal, uploading the data when it gets back in range. Its durable functions and convenient wireless design makes the MS840P the ideal scanner for a variety of applications in warehousing, retail and healthcare field. In addition to all of those benefits, it delivers plug-andplay usability for extreme convenience for first time users.

Simple to operate, The Unitech MS840P allows users to perform such tasks as take accurate inventory, speed up checkout, and administer the correct medication. Beyond its versatility, it also has been tested and certified with an IP42 rating, which means it is safeguarded from water and dust to a certain threshold. In addition, it is durable enough to withstand multiple 6 foot drops to concrete. The new Unitech MS840P is the industry’s best value.

Full Details of the Unitech MS840P Wireless Scanner (584 KB)


Partcode Description
MS840-S0PBGD-SG MS840P Wireless 1D Laser Scanner, 2.4G up to 10 meters, with dongle, 1.8M and IP42
Partcode Description
5000-900008G Desk top cradle for MS840P/MS842P