Unitech MT650

Video Time and Attendance Terminal

The MT650 is upgraded as a multifunctional terminal performing capabilities of Time Management, Access control, Intercom, and Surveillance with a large, 480 by 640 pixels, VGA color touch screen and the familiar interface of Windows CE operating system. It works as a mini-Kiosk station on top of a variety of applications. Users increase productivity right from the start, and application development is easier than ever.

It is designed to meet the requirements of Time & Attendance, Loyalty Programs, Intercom and Work-In-Process applications; it can communicate with a central host security and T&A system via standard Ethernet or WLAN networks. Moreover MT650 seizes complete control over area security with its built-in CMOS digital camera, microphone, and audio speaker. Multiple I/O ports and interfaces make it the ideal solution for complex. The MT650 features built-in variety readers such as proximity and 1:N finger print, this permits the user to choose the technology that results in a cost-efficient system. Powered by Windows CE.NET 6.0, the MT650 package includes programming tools and support software for developing custom security and T&A applications.

  • Powered by Windows CE.Net 6.0
  • Built in 2.0M pixel CMOS Camera
  • Built in UPS
  • Optional wireless communication support high speed wireless LAN 802.11b/g
  • Ethernet with optional POE, (power over Ethernet)

Full Details of MT650 (174 KB)