The HR1050-70 hand-held barcode scanner is able to read 1D symbologies and supports RS-232 and USB interfaces. Delivering superior performance and outstanding durability at an affordable price. This lightweight scanner provides an ideal solution for supermarkets, shopping malls, warehouses and other environments.

This is well-designed, ergonomic and high-performance hand-held CCD scanner can be used in various applications such as retail, logistics, office automation and many more. With a scan speed of 300 scans per second and a decode distance of more than 30cm, it is a solid (state) alternative to hand-held laser scanning.

The HR1050-70s core technologies UIMG, solely developed by Newland, comprises optical system, digitizer, decoder, image processor, embedded system, etc. The device demonstrates an unprecedented decoding capability on 1D symbologies. Users can create their own apps with our development tools to identify particular images and symbols.

  • 1D or 2D Barcode Scanner
  • USB, RS232 or PS2 Keyboard Wedge
  • IP42 Rated
  • 1.5m drop to concrete

Full Details of the Newland NLS-HR1050-70 (293 KB)

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