Unitech PA968II

Rugged Mobile Terminal

Ideally suited to transportation and logistics, field service and mobile sales applications

The Unitech PA968II uses the Intel PXA320 806MHz processor and has 256MB Ram, 512MB Rom running Windows Mobile 6.5. The unit has a laser barcode scanner and optional WiFi and GPS ensuring all outdoor field based applications can be handled efficiently.

The PA968II is not only designed for versatility but also durability with an IP65 rating and drop tested on to concrete at 1.5M. Having a strong water and dirt resistant design allows for usage in extreme environments and conditions whilst minimising down time and repair costs.

In todays ever expanding market place where time, efficiency and accuracy are of utmost importance, the PA968II benefits any mobility enterprise greatly to utilise state of the art global communications technology. The PA968II offers just that in its optional intelligent Modularised Keypads to meet customers various needs for different applications. The swappable keypad option enables users to minimise downtime and is more convenient and cost effective for any special keypad requests. Furthermore the PA968 understands how the environment effects the work efficiency of people who use it thus a high sunlight readability LCD is ideally suited for any for any outdoor application. The PA968II also has an optional gun grip making this ideal for any warehouse environment.

  • 2 mega pixel camera and Bluetooth 2.1
  • Optional built in GPS system and 3.5G wireless capabilities
  • Laser barcode scanner
  • Optional 802.11b/g (CCX4 certified)
  • IP65 rated and 1.5M drop spec to concrete
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional
  • 256MB Ram and 512MB Rom
  • Operates in temperatures up to -20 degrees
  • 1 year warranty

Full Details of PA968II (473 KB)

Partcode Description
PA968-92513ABG PA968 Standard, BT, Laser
PA968-92513AQG PA968 GunGrip, BT, Laser
PA968-92613ABG PA968 Standard, BT, Laser, 802.11 b/g CCX4
PA968-92613AQG PA968 GunGrip, BT, Laser, 802.11 b/g CCX4
PA968-98923ABG PA968 Standard, BT, Laser, 802.11 b/g CCX4, GPS, 3.5G
Partcode Description
1010-601550G Switching power supply (12V/2A) for PA968 order pwr cord
1010-602572G Switching power supply (12V/ 6.5A) for PA968 4 slot ethernet cradle inc power cord
1550-602714G USB charging/ communication cable for PA968 order 1010601550G and pwr cord
1550-602716G Car Charging Cable for PA968 cig lighter connector
1550-900008G RS232 Communication cable for PA968
382306G PA968 stylus
5000-602902G Desktop Ethernet cradle for PA968 order 1010601550G and pwr cord
5000-603027G Charging and Communication cradle (USB) for PA968 order 1010-601550G and pwr cord
5000-900001G Desktop 4-slot Ethernet cradle for PA968 inc 1010-602572G
5400-900001G PA968 Basic Starter Package inc 1550602714G,1010-601550G
5400-900004G PA968 EU Starter Package inc 1550-602714G,1010-601550G,1550-601551G
RAM-B-138-UNI1PU Professional Vehicle Cradle PA968 with suction cup
RAM-B-166-UNI1PU Professional Vehicle Cradle PA968 dash board mount
Partcode Description
UNITCARE-PA968-2E Unitcare Extended PA968 2 years
UNITCARE-PA968-3C Unitcare Comprehensive PA968 3 years
UNITCARE-PA968-3E Unitcare Extended PA968 3 years
UNITCARE-PA968-5C Unitcare Comprehensive PA968 5 years