BPoS is a premium and well established EPOS solution designed specifically to be flexible for all types of retailer. With a powerful configuration tool called “Store Controller” anyone can design till screen layouts, receipt layouts, set up promotions and reap the benefits of first rate dashboard reporting.

The generic API means BPoS can link to any back office package and this means that the visual on screen aids will help users identify key information about product type, description, price and much more.

Touchscreen operation is first choice for most of our users but not compulsory. Hotkeys and multi-layer screen facilities mean selling of small or awkward products is made easy too through the creation of graphic buttons representing products and price points.

Integrated credit card solutions are available and include services from Yespay, Worldpay, TNS and Verifone.

BPoS is not hardware specific and can be deployed on any Windows or Windows ready hardware. We can be your first port of call for a complete solution, software and hardware combined or just install BPoS on existing equipment.

Replacement for SagePos or Sage Paypoint

News that Sage are closing their Retail division means many customers are looking for a replacement for either SagePos or Sage Paypoint. BpoS already satisfies a seamless switch from one to the other.

Loyalty and Gift Card options

BPoS is not just about EPOS software but offers affordable Gift and Loyalty card solutions too. Easy to deploy, their solutions will help the user capture customer information for direct and targeted marketing as well as increasing sales via gift card purchases. There is also an admin website for both end user and retailer which means a card holder can review the value of their cards whilst a retailer can have a complete report on their current liabilities across any number of schemes.

BPoS has already been deployed in over 350 different organisations via it’s accredited value added reseller network. If you are interested in becoming an accredited reseller please contact [email protected] for more details. There is also a 30 day free trail of the BPoS software.

Full Details of BPoS Git and Loyalty Cards (2.1 MB)

Full Details of BPos Software – FACTSHEET (2.4 MB)

Full Details of BPoS EPOS Software (2.9 MB)

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